Hi, I am Othel Graham, owner of BestSweetPotatoes, located in Dacula, GA, 23 miles Northwest of Atlanta, GA. I have been cooking with sweet potatoes for over 23 years, and after encouragement from family, friends and neighbors, I opened up BestSweetPotatoes in August, 2016, and have received rave reviews from our customers.

My Mission

I realized, “Passion is contagious!”

I am so passionate about the sweet potato which is why I made it my goal to learn and to respect the sweet potato. I’ve stepped it up a notch by baking the old and traditional way with sweet potatoes, and all my products are sweet potato based; my sweet potato pies, muffins, cakes, soufflés, cornbread’s, and more, including the sweet potato mixture in a jar, but we call it Sweet Potato Pie in a jar which can be used for any recipe which requires sweet potatoes. I love my products, and the sweet potato effected the “why” I was doing this.

I started a brand, and my pies happen to be the blue-chip of BestSweetPotatoes. The spirit of those sweet potato pies was the major factor in helping me expand the use of sweet potatoes in my other products. And, because I am so passionate about wanting to do everything from scratch, I am working on my own brand of pie crusts.

You don’t have to be a food expert to appreciate my products, but I guarantee that first bite will have you hooked. You will not be able to walk away.

And after tasting my products, you will want BestSweetPotatoes to be a success.


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We are known for our gourmet pies and cakes. Choose from sweet potato mini pies, breads, muffins, gluten free muffins, and more. If you need a gift basket, we can do that too!


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